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In order to maintain the highest standards and ensure a consistent look for the concert choir, we have  a standard uniform policy. Click the link below for information and guidelines.

Uniform Fees 

BC boys    $10   Bow Tie from Choir

BC girls     $25 Dress from Choir                     

HL girls    $55  Skirt and Blouse (Price includes the sewing)

HL boys   $10   Bow Tie from Choir

IM girls    $55   skirt and Blouse (Price includes the sewing)

IM boys   $10    Bow Tie from Choir


Boys wear black slacks, a white long-sleeved dress shirt, black shoes and socks, and the bow tie which they receive from the choir.

Concert Choir uniform

Young Women

● White floor-length dress purchased at any Church Distribution Center.

● Current available approved styles are: SOPHIA, CHRISTEN, ALICE, JASMINE

● Discontinued, but still approved styles are: ROSEBUD, SIENA, AMARYLLIS, HARMONY, LINDSEY, SIENA II,


● Top and skirt is also an option if you would prefer.

● The approved tops are LILAC, VERONA and EMMA.

● The approved skirts are CHELSEA, EMMA and CORSICA.

● Full-length white slip (We suggest you purchase a temple slip.)

● White knee-high hose

● White ballet/temple slippers (with rubber sole). You may want to get shoes instead of slippers. The shoe must

be white, completely closed toe (no sandals) and a light colored heel no more than 1”.

● Only inconspicuous hair accessories and jewlery. NO SPORTS BRAS! White underwear and bras only.

● Skirt length for all dresses should be 1” inches above floor with shoes on and sleeves to the thumb bone.

Young Men

● Black blazer jacket or suit purchased from Mr. Mac. If you get the blazer you must have nice black dress slacks

that match the jacket in fabric and color. The suit is such a great deal that we recommend you get the suit. I

could not buy slacks to match the jacket for less than the cost of the suit.

● Ask for David Hayden, tell him you are with the choir and he will get you the right suit. Do not go to anyone

else or you will end up paying $50-$75 more. He usually works every day from 12 – 6, except Wednesdays.

● Black dress shoes

● Black dress socks

● Tie purchased from the choir for $15-20

● Long-sleeved white dress shirt

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